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Intel VCI Project

We are pleased to announce that our chair has been granted a research funding by Intel Visual Computing Institute for local dimming of LCD monitors using the graphic processor unit. 


According to statements of Intel engineers, the monitor consumes 25% of the total power of today´s notebooks. This share will rise to 75% for the next generation notebooks. So reducing monitor´s power consumption would extend the operation time and make the notebook battery smaller, lighter and cheaper. In addition, local dimming may deliver higher visual quality. 

In this project we will adopt our local dimming technology, originally develped for TV and automotive applications, to the notebook/tablet application. The specific requirements will be transformed into new contraints and new objectives of our optimization approach. The local dimming algorithm will be implemented on the graphic processing unit which is available on every notebook. A modified monitor controlled by the GPU of a common notebook shall demonstrate the benefits like power saving and enhanced contrast.


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