Physical and Perceptual Image Processing for Low Power, Low Cost and High Quality Displays



SID 2015, San Jose, USA

  • Our Institute is exhibiting results of our research at the Display Week of SID in San Jose, USA from June 2nd - 4th 2015.
  • Dipl.-Ing. Pascal Volkert is presenting the paper: "Compensation of OLED I-V-Drift for Suppressing Image Sticking in a Digital AMOLED Display Module."
  • M.Sc. Maxim Schmidt is presenting the paper: "Increased Power Saving by Combining Global and Local Dimming for Edge-LED LCDs."

Kolloquium zur Masterarbeit

  • mit dem Thema "Dynamic Flashing of ECU with Mobile Flash Station." von Herrn Sourabh Mahindrakar

  • Das Kolloquium findet statt am Mittwoch, den 04. März 2015 um 16:30 Uhr in Seminarraum 0.35, Geb. A5 1, EG.

  • Alle Interessenten sind herzlich dazu eingeladen.

Patent Application filed

A patent application with the title "A LOCAL DIMMING METHOD AND DEVICE" has been filed in Luxembourg LU 92598.
Inventors: Martin Riplinger, Michael Kraus, Chihao Xu, Alfred Louis

Patent Granted

A DPMA patent (10 2007 006 438) for our invention "Schaltung zur gleichzeitigen Ansteuerung einer Anordnung gleichartiger Verbraucher." has been issued.