Physical and Perceptual Image Processing for Low Power, Low Cost and High Quality Displays



Presentation at the SID 2024  in San Diego

On the occasion of the SID 2024 in San Diego, our employee, Maria Rosa Cirillo, gives a presentation on May 16th on the topic: "A Tristimulus Electro-Optical Model Describing Interactions of a RGB Backlight Unit and an LC Panel".

Presentation at the Electronic Displays Conference, Nürnberg

On the occasion of the Electronic Displays Conference in Nürnberg, our employee, Julian Ritter, gave a presentation on April 11th on the topic: "Design and validation of a mixed analog and digital driving method for high-resolution active-matrix Micro-LED displays".

Klausurergebnisse ME 1 22.03.2024

Hier finden Sie die Ergebnisse der ME 1 Prüfung am 22.03.2024. / Here you can find the results of the ME1 exam on 22.03.2024.

Results ME1 22.03.2024

Lehrveranstaltungen 2024

Informationen zu Lehrveranstaltungen SS 2024 ME 2 und ME 4.